Hi everyone. Recently, I baked this cake for my sister's milestone birthday. She wanted me to make one for her, so I did and I am happy with the result. But most importantly, my sister is happy with the result and she liked the cake a lot! Unfortunately, I cannot share any recipe link with you, because I combined more recipes together and this is what came out of it. At the top of it, I added a topping made from 70 % Lindt dark chocolate and various Kinder chocolates. What do you think of it?


This weekend, my love ordered some French oysters and we had it for dinner at the balcony, since the weather became a little warmer already. It was a beautiful evening. The oysters remind us of the sea, with its smell and even the salty taste. We had it along with a champagne by Louis Roederer. I am glad that my love is also fond of the French gastronomy, just like me. We then also had a fish and a sepia. Have you ever tasted oysters and if so, did you like it?


How are you doing lately? Here are a few photos from the past days, from cooking pasta or veal ossobuco to our kitten. It has also been 2 months since I started training for Run Tour 2021, we also watch films and go out for walks. I hope that you are doing well and that you will enjoy the photos!


Recently, I tried out a new recipe - this soup. It is full of vitamins and it is a famous Italian soup. Some time ago I cooked it with my dad who can also cook it. There are more versions of the soup, in this version, you add white beans which is the version from Tuscany. Are you familiar with this soup?


I hope that you are having a nice Wednesday. In these photos, I am wearing the same clothes as in the last but one post from the photo shooting with a photographer two years ago. This time I can say that the spring weather is coming and we will be able to wear colours and throw away our coats soon :) Do you like these photos?


Hello everyone. I hope that you are having a nice Friday. Here are a few photos from my walk in the nature. Frozen branches, snow everywhere and frosty winter. I hope you will like the photos!


Here are yet more photos from the series from the photographer, already two years old. This time, I am wearing a colourful 'happy' sweater and a pair of jeans I liked wearing a lot. I am looking forward to the time of the year when we will be able to leave our coats and scarfs at home and wear something like this :) Do you like the outfit?
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